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Comparing Top Video Calling Platforms for Customer Calls

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

In this article, we compare three most popular video conferencing tools, namely Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, to have calls with customers. Each tool is attractive for different reasons, and customer-facing professionals should consider their strengths and weaknesses before making the decision of what tool to use to communicate with customers.

Luckily, committing to one platform doesn’t mean you have to endure its shortcomings. You can always use additional tools to help improve your experience with a certain platform with add-ons.

Hetki is building an AI meeting assistant add-on that automatically provides sales teams with:

  • Meeting transcripts

  • Meeting highlights (schedules, issues, tasks, …)

  • Prospect sentiment analysis

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It has been 2 years since the professional world moved a considerable part of its operation online due to the need for social distancing. For as long, Zoom has claimed its position as the top choice for video conferencing of various industries and professions, including sales leaders making calls with prospects.


  • Generous free plan: Zoom’s free plan allows for group meetings with up to 100 participants for up to 40 minutes, unlimited one-to-one meetings with a 30 hour time limit per meeting.

  • Private and group messaging: A quick, private chat with your team without moving to another platform and getting distracted is possible with Zoom.

  • Popularity: It is highly likely that your prospects have used Zoom before, making the call experience smoother.

  • Breakout rooms

  • Screen-sharing from computer, phone, tablet


  • Security and privacy concern: With Zoom's rise to fame in 2020, the tool also came in for some criticism regarding security and privacy, however, the company has taken action to address most of the public’s concerns ever since.

Another choice for customer call that is rising in popularity is Google Meet for being easy to use with one-click-to-join setup and part of the paid Google Workspace plan that many teams are already subscribed to. Even though Google Meet offers fewer features compared to market leader Zoom, its cost and ease of use make Google Meet an attractive alternative.

Thanks to being a part of the Google ecosystem, Google Meet can preserve its simplicity and ease of use for prospects while the sales team can acquire additional features based on their needs with add-ons from Chrome Store and Google Workspace Marketplace.


  • Ease of use: Because Google Meet is a web-based tool, your prospect can join the meeting with one click without having to downloading the program in advance like Zoom

  • Popularity of Google Workspace: Given the popularity of the Google ecosystem, it is highly likely that your prospects will have a Google account where they can easily receive a Google Calendar meeting invitation with an added Google Meet link.

  • Cost effectiveness: If your team is already subscribed to Google Workspace, you don’t have to pay extra for another subscription plan when using Google Meet.

  • Generous free plan

  • Screen-sharing from computer, phone, tablet


  • No private messaging

  • No breakout rooms

Rather than being a response to the market’s increasing demand for a video conference tool, MS Teams is intended to be a counter to the growth of Slack - the workplace collaboration tool. However, MS Teams’ powerful video calling function makes it an appealing option for sales calls.


  • Popularity of Microsoft ecosystem: Much like Google Workspace, the chance is high that your prospects have previous experience of using this platform.

  • File storage and sharing: Being a workplace collaboration tool, you can easily share files through Teams.

  • Web-based versions of Microsoft Office tools


  • Not optimized for external calls: Being a workplace collaboration tool, MS Teams was built with internal calls in mind. Even though it is possible to invite external guesses, the tool is still not optimized for this use case.


We hope that this short article is helpful for you to make a better informed decision on a video calling tool to use with customers.

Hetki is now building an AI meeting assistant that enhance your performance in customer calls with automatic transcripts, highlights and sentiment analysis.

Check us out at and sign up for early access to be among the first people that have more efficient customer communication experience.

Check out the AI meeting assistant at to get prospect sentiment analysis, meeting transcripts and automatic notes from your customer calls.

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