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Kalle Ryymin

Sales Director

I'm the Sales Director, and my main job is to boost our sales and help our team succeed. has really helped us with this. It's super easy to use and helps us understand our customers better, which makes our sales work smoother. With's insights we can spot the best leads quickly, so we sell faster and more often. The information gives us helps our team make smart decisions and connect better with people we're selling to. It's more than just a tool; it's been key in growing our business. I definitely recommend to any sales and customer focused company that wants to up their game and keep their customers happy


Jannis Koehn

Co-Founder & CFO has been a great tool for our team ! We use it to store important information from our calls with customers and collaborate easily within our team. The call sharing and teams feature make collaboration a breeze. Now, we can all review insights from earlier customer calls, which helps us work together more effectively. is truly a valuable tool for us! We're more connected and efficient than before.

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Win Rate Increase


Churn Reduction


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Faster Onboarding Time


More Effective Training

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