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Getting Started with

Welcome aboard,

We genuinely value your choice of to enhance the value derived from customer, business, and partner interactions. Our primary goal is to simplify your tasks and contribute to your professional successes, ultimately fostering company growth and higher revenue !

Starting your journey with Hetki is straightforward and effortless ;)

This page will be regularly updated to incorporate the latest enhancements

​1. Log in to Hetki & Gain Entry to's Dashboard

3. Set up your first meeting with (pertaining to Recording subscription)

2. Review past recordings & access other functionalities

Please take note of the ongoing license categories available through

a. Recording License Users: This permits recording of your meetings, access to's dashboard, review of previous recordings along with associated analytics, comment incorporation, and the initiation of new meetings supported by

b. Collaborator License Users: It's important to note that this category does NOT facilitate meeting recording through However, active participation and value addition in team meetings, discussions, and calls are encouraged.

Configuration of Recorder and Collaborator Licenses is managed by your designated Company Administrator, often the Team Lead. This is accomplished through the "Settings" tab. Once licenses are allocated by the admin, which includes the process of user addition or invitation, an email invitation is dispatched to the user. This email marks the initiation of the sign-in and onboarding process.

1. Sign in & Access's dashboard

Following the successful completion of your subscription payment, you can expect to receive a prompt and official welcome email from in your inbox.

Receiving this email confirms the successful activation of your subscription, granting you access to the pertinent features outlined in your chosen plan.

To proceed, you can access's Dashboard in one of two ways: either by clicking on the designated button in the Welcome email or by visiting Consider bookmarking this link for ease of future access.

Please note that upon access, you will be prompted to log in. Kindly use the account associated with the Welcome email sent to you. Hetki works on Google meet, MS Teams and Zoom.

We're thrilled to have you on board!

Upon your initial login, an empty dashboard view will greet you, signaling that you are now fully prepared to commence recording or collaborating in meetings!

Congratulations! You're now equipped to start with Hetki !

2. Set up your first meeting with

Please take note: This feature is exclusively accessible to users with a Recording subscription. For any inquiries about subscription plans or potential changes, feel free to reach out to us at or contact your designated sales representative.

To facilitate a meeting setup with, it's imperative to include at least one participant outside your organization with a distinct email domain (such as YOUR CUSTOMERS OR PARTNERS).

For illustration: if your organization's email domain is, it necessitates the inclusion of a participant with an email domain distinct from, such as

Once this criterion is met, you can proceed with scheduling the meeting as you typically would. Be sure to invite at least one external participant. The resultant meeting will be displayed in the Your Schedule section within the main Dashboard, as outlined below:

Should any queries arise, please don't hesitate to reach out.

To proactively disable recording for a specific meeting, you can simply switch the control to "Off." Additionally, if you wish to limit access to the recording from others, you can achieve this by toggling the control to "Priv."


Turn off the recording


Restrict access to the recording

3. Access your call library

Upon logging in, the History / Calls panel will provide you access to your past recordings (exclusively for Recording subscriptions) and your team's recordings (accessible to all subscription types).

Upon clicking on the recording, you will be directed to the corresponding recording's dashboard. This dashboard encompasses the video recording itself, along with the insights and analytics generated by

You have the capability to leave comments and feedback within the recording, tag other users, and associate your comments with timestamps in the video

Additionally, I encourage you to explore the Analytics, Notifications, and Alerts features, leveraging them to your utmost advantage

And... that's it. You are now all set for a new and better experience when interacting with your customers and partners. For any questions or feedback regarding your experience with, drop us an email at

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