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Sales Lead Tracker Free Download

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

This Sales Lead Tracker Template will help you manage the details of your sales lead as well as get an overview of your sales performance and evaluate the effectiveness of your sources of leads.

1. What is a Sales Lead Tracker?

sales lead tracker template helps you to track lead details, sales activities and sales performance

Sales Lead Tracker is a powerful tool for people who work in sales function. It helps sales reps keep track of leads' information details and where the leads are in the sales funnel.

2. The Benefits of Using a Sales Lead Tracker

As a sales person, you would be juggling between interacting with many leads everyday. Without a way to systematically organize leads' information and your interactions with them, you can quickly experience burn out.

A Sales Lead Tracker is usually the suggested solution to this issue. With just a quick glance, you will know what was your last interaction with a prospect, what actions to take next and what is the appropriate channel to get in touch with them.

What's more, because Sales Lead Tracker gathers all of your leads in one place, You can also use Sales Lead Tracker to prioritize leads and tasks to close deals more effectively and efficiently.

If you are working in collaboration with sales reps, having a shared document of prospects tracker would help to promote collaboration and transparency across the team members.

Understand the value of a Sales Lead Tracker, Hetki has compiled a Template for Sales Lead Tracker which does not only track your leads details and sales activities but also help you get an overview of your sales performance.

3. What is in this Template?

You can find two sheets from this template from Hetki: one is for managing leads' details and the other for managing your sales performance.

3.1. Lead Tracking Sheet:

the first sheet in the template tracks lead details and lead status

You can manage and organize the details of your sales leads and activities in this sheets.

What are included in this sheet: Sales leads' name, work function, contact details, source of leads, lead status in the sales funnel, last contact date , next follow-up, next action to take.

You can further optimize the sales process by using AI meeting assistant such as which detects key information such as Tasks, Schedules,... automatically. These automatically detected information can be quickly fed into the Lead Tracker under Lead Status, Next Follow-up and Next Action , etc.

3.2. Overall Performance Sheet:

the second sheet in the template tracks sales performance

With this sheet, you can have an overview on the performance of your sales leads and activities to identify effective sources of leads and know where to take actions in the sales pipeline.

If the Lead Tracker Template is shared amongst your sales team, everyone can easily see the sales performance of the team thanks to this sheet.

This sheet will automatically fetch data from Lead Tracking Sheet. There is no extra data input you need to do.

4. How Do I Use This Template?

The Sales Lead Tracker Template should be ready to use for your sales activities, however, it is also customizable for your individual needs.

This template is totally free for you to download. You can download this tracker template as an Excel workbook or save the Google Spreadsheet to your Drive.

4.1. Save to Drive:

You can save this template as a Google Spreadsheet file to personal Drive before starting to use it to record prospects' info and interactions.

  1. Go to File -> Make a copy

  2. Save to whatever Google Drive folder is best for you.

After saving the Google Spreadsheet to your personal Drive, you can share editing access to other sales reps in your team to collaborate on one document and get an overview of the whole team's performance.

4.2. Save as Excel file:

If you are more of a Excel user, you can also download the template for offline use by:

Go to File -> Download -> Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

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