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Hetki captures and analyzes
your customer conversations
to signal you on

risks, opportunities and actions

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Join your meeting and focus on the conversation

Hetki captures and analyzes your conversations

Capturing Conversations


Actionable Insights

What you get from Hetki


Never miss a thing

Get accurate, real-time transcript for all of your online meetings


Increase focus on things that matter 

Receive automatic tags for Tasks, Questions, Issues, and Schedules during meetings

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Stay on top of your tasks and important mentions

Pay full attention to the conversation during meetings and reflect on other details afterward with tag search

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Make everyone's one meeting experience better

Measure impact and contributions to improve the online meeting experience for everyone

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Gain a better understanding of your audience

Uncover the hidden insights of participants' and meeting's overall sentiments

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Manage and share available insights

Never make the same mistake twice with insights and analytics from sharable archived meeting data 

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