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Turn Customer Interactions  Into Growth Opportunities

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Boost B2B Engagement Across All Customer-Facing Teams with"

Actionable Insights & Alerts 

Data Driven Recommendation

Team Collaboration

Multilingual Support

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How Works

Captures Interactions

Understands with AI

Delivers Insights

See it in action:

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Trusted By Software, Tech & Finance Companies


Win Rate Increase


Churn Reduction


Hours Saved Team/Month


Faster Onboarding Time


More Effective Training

Never miss a thing

Get transcript for all of your customer meetings


Distill conversations into essential insights

Hetki automatically identifies key moments, ensuring you get hold of every actionable insight


Never Miss a Beat: Instant Alerts for Key Conversation Moments

Hetki alerts for crucial conversation points, ensuring immediate action and follow-up


Collaborate Seamlessly team sharing enable easy information and knowledge transfer to help your customer facing teams work together towards shared goals.

Multilingual Support

Speak locally - Act globally

With multilingual support, breaks down language barriers, ensuring that sales teams can effectively engage with a global customer base, understanding cultural nuances and colloquialisms.

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Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Become aware of successful sales and conversational skills that helps a front-facing person effectively interact with customers, build rapport, and ultimately close deals and retain customers

Foster Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

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