Claudio M. Camacho
Chief Growth Officer
@ Fidelix

When I jumped off my first business call with a partner using Hetki, I got extremely surprised to receive a comprehensive summary of the most important things we had discussed and what we had agreed on. Then I realized how easy it was to just focus on the actual conversation without having to note down everything during the call.



Indrajit Gupta
@ FoundingFuel

Due to the fact that pandemic has meant remote meeting overload in day to day work, Hetki has helped us distil the key takeaways and highlights & made it easier for our Team to be on the same page.

Juho Mugshot_edited.jpg

Juho Jutila
Principal Consultant

Hetki is an ambitious take on providing service to everyone that has been traditionally available only to a selected few. It's a bold step towards off-loading significant amounts of cognitive load to a machine. How it works is simply neat. I've been privileged to try it, and suggest behavior to make it into a tool that serves the most common use cases in the modern information work environment.