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Top 7 Chrome Extensions to Enhance Google Meet Calls

In this article, Hetki will provide you with top 7 Chrome extensions for Google Meet to enhance your online meeting experience with this platform.


Being the only web-based video calling platform out of the top three most common video calling platforms, Google Meet can be easily enhanced with Chrome extensions to rival Zoom in terms of features while still retaining its advantages of being easy to use and having a great free plan.

This extension offers an extensive set of features that would transform Google Meet into a much more powerful video calling platform.


Loved by more than 100,000 users, Google Meet Enhancement Suite provides features that would not only enhance the convenience of your online meeting calls but also your overall productivity such as Action Automation, Auto Join, Auto Join Request Admission, …. For a more detailed description of the full feature offering, check out Meet Extension’s features page.

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If Meet Extension is not quite what you are looking for from an all-in-one Chrome add-on, another powerful add-ons that you should consider is Meet Plus for Google Meet (GMP).


What makes GMP stand out from other all-in-one Chrome extensions for Google Meet is its offering of features that enhance Google Meet’s very basic chat function. With Meet Plus, you can broadcast messages to participants, send private messages, get post-meeting chat logs, buzz attendees and more.


GMP comes in a free and a paid version. GMP also supports multiple languages. Check out the full offering of GMP at from GMP's website.

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Yet another alternative with the promise of supercharging your Google Meet experience is TurboMeet. If you are looking to enhance productivity when having online meetings and don’t want to clutter your meeting view with unnecessary features, Turbo Meet is a great choice.


With a user-friendly interface and an offering of essential and powerful productivity features such as Push to Talk, Auto Join, Shortcuts, …, we believe that TurboMeet does a great job of delivering its promise of turbocharging your Google Meet experience.

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If you attend a lot of online meetings and are looking to identify the underlying insights and trends of your numerous meetings, give Hetki a try. Hetki is an AI meeting assistant that will help transform your online meeting experience.


Hetki provides insights into participant’s sentiments, talk time to help you enhance not only the host’s online meeting experience but also the participants. These insights will especially be useful for people-facing roles and management positions such as Sales, Customer Success, Product Manager.


Hetki also gives you full transcripts of the meetings and identifies key points from your meetings (tasks, schedules, issues, …) ready to be transformed into formal reports, knowledge management systems such as Confluence or shared with your team members, perfect for positions with a lot of daily online meetings such as remote workers, Product Managers, Consultants, Marketers,...


Hetki is now available FREE early access if you sign up at Free early access is only available for limited slots, sign up now before they run out.

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If the extensive offerings of the previously listed all-in-one add-ons are not necessary for your needs, you can consider using add-ons with only the additional features you need that Google Meet does not offer.


With Google Meet Grid View and Push to Talk, you can have a better overview of your meeting participants and quickly join the conversation by pushing a button to talk without having to turn on and off your microphone every time you contribute to the conversation.

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Online meeting hosts frequently find themselves in situations where they need to split participants into smaller groups for discussions, brainstorms, … Google Meet’s lack of a feature that satisfies this need, usually known as breakout rooms, is a common reason online meeting hosts turn away from Google Meet for other platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


With Google Meet Breakout Rooms extension for Chrome, Google Meet users now can enjoy the best of both worlds with Google Meet’s lightweight, ease-of-use and Zoom-like feature of breakout rooms

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If you host a lot of online meetings, you must have frequently experienced meetings that run overtime. This is an unpleasant experience for both the host and participants as a meeting that ends late could affect everyone’s plans and productivity.


However, it is not exactly any more productive if the host of a meeting has to keep checking the clock to keep track of meeting time. This would be a big distraction and would affect the quality of the meeting if the host is not focused and engaging in the conversations taking place during the meeting.


A solution to this is to use a timer extension such as Call Timer for Meet. Meeting hosts can offload the task of managing the time to this extension by setting the intended start and end time of any online meetings using Google Meet.

Are you planning to switch to a new video conferencing platform?

With many businesses moving online permanently post-COVID19 pandemic, there is increasing competition in the video conferencing market. Emerging at the top as the most popular choices for online meeting are Zoom, Microsoft Team and Google Meet. Each platform has its own strength. While Zoom is popular for its extensive features offering and Microsoft Teams for native integration with Microsoft Office, Google Meet users usually cite the platform’s ease-of-use and generous free plan as their reasons for using Google Meet.


If you are working in sales and are still not sure which video calling tool to use or planning to switch from the tool you use to a new one for sales calls, read Hetki’s detailed comparison of the top three video conferencing platforms for prospect meetings.

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