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Built For Your Customer Facing Teams and Leaders

5. Integration & Compatibility
CRM Integration
Messaging: "Seamless CRM Integr
ation. Sync Hetki with your preferred CRM platform, ensuring a fluid data flow and enhancing your team's productivity."

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How Works



Streamline Information Capturing streamlines the process of collecting customer interactions by automatically capturing the conversations that your customer-facing teams engage in on a daily or weekly basis.



Inform Decision-making and Strategies gives you access to the intelligence underlying customer interactions and provides you and your teams with up-to-date and data-backed insights on customers, sales, market and trends.



Transform Customer Intelligence into Scalable Growth

Hetki helps enhance your team's performance by utilizing insights from actual customer interactions to identify areas where coaching is needed and which skills require development. Monitor measurable progress and improvements over time.



Boost Productivity through Effective Collaboration

Hetki supercharges collaboration between team members and teams to foster a culture of transparency and visibility that helps your company take quick actions as opportunities and risks arise to stay ahead of competitors and the market.

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